As a multi-media artist I find there is never enough time to spend on the work I love so making a new website does seem an unnecessary diversion I still have some gremlins but one day I will beat them!.

On this website I have put a few examples of my work. The quality of the images is not always perfect but then I do not attempt to be a photographer as well. Jewellery is particularly difficult to photograph.

Chichester Art Trail is Saturday 30th April – Monday 2nd May and Saturday 7th May – Sunday 8th May.

As I have my own gallery I will be displaying my work in the whole space for the two weeks over the Trail.

I have prepared some new pieces and visitors will have a lot to see. Oil Paintings Large and small from 150 x 125 cms to 15 x 10 cms, Printmaking, Enamel Bowls and Jewellery together with a selection of Silver Jewellery.

I really enjoy working on larger canvases.

End of the Day

Forest View

Springtime Memories 150×125 Cms