As a multi-media artist I find there is never enough time to spend on the work I love so making a new website does seem an unnecessary diversion I still have some gremlins but one day I will beat them!.

On this website I have put a few examples of my work. The quality of the images is not always perfect but then I do not attempt to be a photographer as well. Jewellery is particularly difficult to photograph.

Chichester Art Trail will be Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 2023, Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th April and Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2023.

As I have my own gallery I will be displaying my work in the whole space for the two weeks over the Trail. The trail is meant to be for open Studios but as I cannot abandon the gallery during its opening times I am always happy for people to arrange to visit my studio at any time when the gallery is closed.

I will be preparing new work and visitors will have a lot to see. Oil Paintings Large and small from 150 x 125 cms to 15 x 10 cms, Printmaking, Enamel Bowls and Jewellery together with a selection of Silver Jewellery.

I really enjoy working on larger canvases enlarging smaller paintings. I call them my “walk ins”

Printmaking and working with enamels is always an exciting activity you never know until something is finished how the final piece will look there are often little unexpected surprises.

The main problem I have is there is never enough hours in a day!

Downs view 1500 x 1200
End of the Day
Forest View
Springtime Memories 150×125 Cms

Dreaming 80 x 60 cms